BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment will cost 1.16 million USD each?

The rumors of BLACKPINK renewing their contract with YG Entertainment, which has recently sparked the K-pop craze, are drawing attention as it shocks the music industry. As speculation emerged that some members might not renew their contracts, investors were anxious about the future of the beloved quartet.

BLACKPINK’s contract renewal discussion is a hot topic among fans and industry officials. YG Entertainment, which is in charge of the group’s management, has kept its mouth shut. As investors’ pressure and concerns grew, the agency was asked for a clear answer by August 8, the day of the digital debut.

However, YG Entertainment responded by reassuring fans and investors that it would reveal a clear position on contract renewal in September. The delay in announcing the decision is due to the group’s ongoing world tour, which is scheduled to last until the end of August. This global tour is an important milestone for BLACKPINK, and the agency plans to wrap up the discussion after successfully completing this performance.

BLACKPINK’s journey in the music industry began with four talented members Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo. After rigorous training, the 4-member group, who were expected to become K-pop idols, immediately captivated their hearts with their excellent tracks and performances.

While disbandment rumors are circulating, YG Entertainment confirmed that contract renewal negotiations are underway. Reports suggest that each member could receive a significant monetary incentive as part of their renewal agreement. The band members are reportedly expected to receive a multi-million dollar down payment in addition to their regular salaries when they renew their contracts for seven years.

This meeting seems to have brought about a drastic change in the revenue sharing model between Blackpink and YG Entertainment. If the report is accurate, the members will take 80% of the company’s profits. This marked a significant change from earlier contracts, where the group typically only received 20-40% of the profits and the rest went to the agency.

Given BLACKPINK’s immense popularity and their key role in YG Entertainment’s growing operating profit, this new deal could mean that each member will receive an astonishing $1.1 million (roughly Rs. 9.1 billion). This substantial amount marked a game-changing moment for the band, highlighting the unprecedented financial impact on the agency.

As fans anxiously await the official announcement, Blackpink’s future is at stake. This decision will undoubtedly shape the direction of his career and the K-pop industry in general. Attention is focused on the ongoing world tour and the announcement made by the agency in September. It will put an end to speculation and open a new chapter in BLACKPINK’s amazing musical journey.

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